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RE: syncrepl: consumer state is newer than provider

--On Tuesday, August 02, 2011 3:47 PM -0700 "Mahadevan, Venkatasubramanian" <Venkatasubramanian.Mahadevan@ubc.ca> wrote:

Hi Howard,

I have tried the slapd -c option with a rid value, and it
also tries to resync the entire directory when doing that
while comparing CSNs. There is also a cid value which can
be passed to the -c option, but I was unable to find an
example of what to pass in there. Is it just a contextCSN value?

Please don't top post. The values you can pass "-c" are clearly documented in the slapd(8C) man page. If you are using MMR and failed to provide a sid=X value as documented in the man page, then you clearly did things wrong.



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