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Re: SSL server certificate that has an intermediary certificate in the chain

2011/8/1 Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com>:
> If there were indeed anything to be gained by such a feature, it would also
> need to be implemented on clients. Look around - do any web browsers allow
> you to isolate CAs like this?

Yes. You can basically isolate CAs into 3 categories (they can interleave):
 - CAs trusted to issue server certs
 - CAs trusted to issue email certs
 - CAs trusted to issue code signing certs

> It's utter nonsense.

What is non-sense is having a bag full of CAs for mixed usage. More,
you even mix CAs that need to be sent to the client (so it can build a
certificate path) with CAs that the server trust (to verify client