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Re: Memory usage (ITS 6660): Is there a patch to 2.4.23 version to fix the problem ?

--On Saturday, July 30, 2011 6:23 PM -0300 Friedrich Locke <friedrich.locke@gmail.com> wrote:

Please don't top post.

It is not that's using 63MB. It is that is uses 63MB after performing
4 lookup, i.e., its memory usage grows from 15MB to 63MB.

cachesize       4096

How many entries do you have in your database?


These are *not* good values to set.  You should remove them.

You have failed to provide some key pieces of information. Please provide your DB_CONFIG file. Please provide the total size of your BDB database (du -c -h *.bdb). Please provide the number of real cores your system has available. ITS6660 *only* affects systems with 4+ CPUs. All I've seen you say so far is that as slapd is used, it grows in size. That's typical of slapd loading entries from off of disk into memory. Unless we know how large your database itself *is*, there is no telling if what it is doing is wrong or not.



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