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Translucent overlay

Hi List Members

I'm using OpenLDAP in a translucent overlay configuration to store the
attributes for our custom schema. All other attributes come from the
backend LDAP server(ActiveDirectory). When I try to modify an attribute
that is stored on the backend LDAP Server(ActiveDirectory), the change
is stored in the translucent overlays database and not written to the
backend LDAP server(ActiveDirectory). Is it possible for a client
connected to OpenLDAP to modify an attribute in the backend LDAP
server(ActiveDirectory)? The attribute I'm mainly concerned with is
"unicodePwd" which Active Directory uses for password storage. If this
isn't possible, does anyone have a different approach I'm missing?

Were creating a password reset web app that I'd like to only communicate
to OpenLDAP. OpenLDAP will store of password question/answer along with
some other identity verification data, but the password needs to be set
within Active Directory since there are Desktops authenticating users.

Thanks for any help

Keith Conger
Enterprise Systems Administrator
Onondaga Community College 
4585 West Seneca Turnpike 
Syracuse, N.Y. 13215-4585 
Phone: 315.498.2767 
Email/JID: congerk@sunyocc.edu 
Web: http://myhome.sunyocc.edu/~congerk/

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