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Re: Kerberos with LDAP backend: password sync

On 21/7/2011 10:23 ÎÎ, Dan White wrote:

It's unclear from your original post if your are using SASL binds -
you said you are doing "PLAIN auth over TLS/SSL".

No, I am not using SASL on LDAP. I mistakenly used the term "PLAIN" (which implies SASL). In fact I am using the "simple" method (usually noted: SSL + User + Password).

If you are using SASL binds, or can force SASL binds, then you could use the
autotransition feature of Cyrus SASL...


A simpler approach, and one that works with non-SASL binds, would be to
configure pass-through authentication and perform saslauthd/kerberos5
authentication. As users change their passwords (against your kerberos
server, via some unspecified process), you could replace their userPassword entries with {SASL}user@realm (as described in the Admin guide) and do away
with hashed password entries altogether.

Thank you for the detailed info; both approaches seem interesting and I'll have to investigate further (it will take some time I am afraid).

If I understand it correctly, the second approach seems more attractive to me. Running Kerberos with LDAP backend still stores passwords in the DIT so we can still have a single data store. Additionally, it provides a smooth transition as users can:

1. Continue to use their hashed passwords until they change them (and automatically migrate to the pass-through scheme).
2. Continue to use simple (non-SASL) binds directly to LDAP Server.
3. Use kerberos authentication directly (using Kerberos LDAP backend transparently).

Thanks again,