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Re: LDAP handle structural integrity function

On Fri, Jul 08, 2011 at 01:57:29PM +0200, Khaled Blah wrote:

> I use OpenLDAP in an authentication project and I would like to
> correctly deal with fauly networks. I mean networks that have packet
> losses and such.

You do not need to worry about that at the LDAP level, as TCP
deals with it at the transport level.

> That is why I would like to know whether there is a function in
> OpenLDAP which allows to check (and maybe sanitize) possibly corrupted
> sockets associated with the LDAP handle?

If you are really concerned about corrupted data due to malicious causes
then you should use TLS. The combination of TCP, stream encryption,
and LDAP protocol checks should catch almost any corruption.

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