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Simple Bind w/TLS without SASL/Kerberos possible to AD?

I am trying to use OpenLDAP from an embedded Linux system to authenticate (PAM LDAP) against a Windows AD server. I must use TLS to secure this, but I would rather not use SASL or Kerberos if possible.

I have been able to mock this up on a Centos system without TLS, and the PAM worked fine. When I turn on TLS, the Windows server handshakes the TLS but then has a problem with the first message. I am also working that side.

I have walked through the handshake with s_client, and the connection is happy.
I am now working with ldapsearch and trying things....
The first thing I notice is that it seems to try an SASL bind. Can I stop this? I'm not sure I have SASL actually installed on this system, and I'm not sure I want it in my target.

Is this possible? from both the OpenLDAP client and/or Windows AD?
Ideas on the correct alphabet soup to try this with ldapsearch would be appreciated.