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Re: schema updates and cn=config

Clément OUDOT wrote:
On my side, the problem I see is that LDIF schema for OpenLDAP is
OpenLDAP specific (because of the olc* attributes names) and cannot be
imported in other LDAP servers like OpenDJ or ApacheDS. So application
providers will have to ship LDIF schema for OpenLDAP and LDIF schema
for other servers. Can't we find a solution to have a standard LDIF
schema import/update?

".schema" files are also specific to OpenLDAP so the problem hasn't changed.

I'm not sure there's really any standard LDIF format for schema imports. Other servers support modifications to the subschema subentry but IMO that's a terrible way to import new schema because it's all lumped into one spot and precludes any kind of organization.

We could extend back-config to accept the regular attributeTypes and objectClasses attributes, but you would still have the difference that OpenLDAP schema all reside in their own respective entries, as opposed to all being lumped into a single entry.

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