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Re: how to configure use of tls w/ rwm-rewritemap

Using an ldaps://... URI works, so I'll just do that I guess.  If
there's a starttls way of doing this, that would be nice to know about,
but at least I can create a secure connection.


2011-07-01_09:42:56-0400 Ron Peterson <rpeterso@mtholyoke.edu>:
> Hi,
> I have a rewrite map configured like:
> database            ldap
> suffix              "ou=myou"
> uri                 "ldap://my.backend/";
> tls                 start tls_cacertdir=/my/ca/cert/dir
> rwm-rewriteMap ldap uid2adminDN "ldap://my.backend/ou=yada,dc=yada?dn?sub"; binddn="uid=someone,..." credentials="etc"
> My back end is configured to require tls, i.e.
> security ssf=128 update_ssf=128 simple_bind=128
> If I remove that requirement, everything works.  When I add it, my back
> end ldap server logs:
> Jul  1 09:24:28 mid slapd[13011]: conn=1006 op=0 BIND dn="uid=someone,..." method=128
> Jul  1 09:24:28 mid slapd[13011]: conn=1006 op=0 RESULT tag=97 err=13 text=confidentiality required
> How do I configure rwm-rewritemap to use tls?
> -Ron-