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slapcating multi-master database to add new multi-master

If I wanted to add another multi-master with a unique ServerID to a current set, I've read that in most instances it's best to slapcat one of the current multi-master's data, then slapadd that data into the new multi-master rather than wait for the new mmaster to 'catch up'.

Q: Should I do something with the contextCSN at the top of the tree before I import it or will the new server create a new contextCSN using it's own ServerID?

Q Should all multi-master instances include a contextCSN for each of the multi-master instances or just a contextCSN for itself? I have a 2-way mmaster duo where each mmaster only has it's own contextCSN. And another 4-way mmaster setup where each mmaster has a 4 contextCSNs, one for each of the mmasters in the group.

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