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Re: functions using postfix +ldap

On 05. mai 2011 13:34, deconya wrote:

Im using a mail server using postfix + ldap and Im lost with how to
config openldap to made aliases inside postfix. I don't know where can
be information about this option. Any idea?

Googling for "postfix ldap aliases" gave the Postfix documentation as the first result:


Reading the whole document is recommended.

By default, Postfix expects the attribute "mailacceptinggeneralid" to be present for any user account who should receive e-mail. Its result should be presented to Postfix as "maildrop". Both may be changed to something else if required in your environment.

A sample object is shown here: http://www.linuxtopia.org/online_books/mail_systems/postfix_documentation/LDAP_README_006.html

For further assistance, you should present your setup and any findings so far.