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Re: Robustness of replication

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
>>> delta-syncrepl has been very solid for me, with the exception of the
>>> occasional edge case.  The last time there was an edge case encountered
>>> was with 2.4.22 (4/24/2010).
>> Are you running with slapo-memberof?
>> (see also ITS#6915 since delta-syncrepl needs slapo-accesslog)
> No, I'm not.  But as noted in the ITS, that's a long standing bug in
> slapo-memberof, and not in delta-syncrepl.  It has in fact existed since
> slapo-memberof was first written. ;)

I've also read the ITS carefully. And I've observed my logdb!

The point is that the operations by slapo-memberof reach the logdb but the
write operation to the group entry is not in the logdb! So from my
understanding delta-syncrepl won't work correctly if slapo-memberof is used on
the provider no matter in which part of the code the bug was.

So the general recommendation for delta-syncrepl has some caveats...

Ciao, Michael.