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differing behavior of ldapsearch

I have an openldap server where I have people entered in basic
inetOrgPerson format.

I am having an issue where it can't authenticate some users.  I have
narrowed things down to an issue where if I run:

ldapsearch -x -L -D "<myRootDn>" -W -b "<myBaseOU>" "uid=tony"

It successfully returns my user object.  BUT if I run:

ldapsearch -x -L -D "<myRootDn>" -W -b "<myBaseOU>" -h localhost "uid=tony"

it will not find the object.

I seem to remember that ldapsearch with the default connect will open
the DB files directly and read them ???  If so, why can ldapsearch
find the object, but slapd can't.  If not, what is happening that
allows the previous option set to succeed while the second option set

BTW: before I get asked, only some user objects are not found.  i.e.
"uid=kent" is found fine both ways.  I tried to generalize my user
object such that it isn't the content of the object that would cause
the problem, but I also recognize that it is still a possible culprit.

This is running on a CentOS box.  The RPM is openldap-servers-2.3.27-8.el5_1.3

Thanks in advance for any insight...

Tony Slack