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Re: Local home directory with ADS LDAP authentication

On 12/04/11 19:10 -0500, Madhusudan Singh wrote:

I have an LDAP authentication setup that authenticates users against a
server that I do not control.

Could you provide more details about your setup?:

  Do you know what ldap server and version the server is running?
  What openldap client libraries are you using on the clients?
  What other software, if any, are you using to authenticate users to the
server (e.g. PADLs pam-ldap)? Are you also using an ldap nss plugin? What
OS on the clients?

However, whenever a user logs in, the default home directory is set to an
NFS mount on another server.

So the users' home directories are set to something similar to
'/nfs/server-1/home/jsmith' I would guess.

See 'getent passwd jsmith' (or your system's equivalent) to see what their
current home directory is.

I want to change the settings so that the user's home directory is local,
say, /home/CAMPUS/username.

You'd have to know what nss plugin, if any, is in effect, and modify it's
database (e.g. /etc/passwd, or the user's entry in your ldap server).

Dan White