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Re: Database meta does not have any root node

michel.gruau wrote:

I managed to make it work but using subtree-exclude instead:

database meta
suffix ou=A,o=B,c=C
uri ldap://server1/ou=A,o=B,c=C
subtree-exclude "ou=S2,ou=A,o=B,c=C"
uri ldap://server2/ou=S2,ou=A,o=B,c=C

This way, requests to ou=S2,ou=A,o=B,c=C are not seen by server1. Which is exactlly what I wanted to do.
By the way, I don't understand why your solution does not work. But never mind.
Many thanks for your help because I was not aware of this possibility to use the subtree-{include|exclude}.

subtree-exclude existed for a long time, and was documented in slapd-meta(5); subtree-include was added in 2.4.24

May be such an example could be added in slapd-meta man page ?

Feel free to submit a patch, or add an entry in the Faq-o-matic.

By the way, could you tell me how you understand this message on slapd startup ?
"WARNING: No dynamic config support for database meta."

Back-meta does not support configuration via cn=config yet. It's on my todo list.