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how to use ldap_parse_sortresponse_control

I confuse with the use of  ldap_parse_sortresponse_control because there is no example and document about it. Although it seems like ldap_parse_sort_control of Novell CLDAP and Mozilla C LDAP, it is wrong if using it on their way.

the following is my code:


    LDAPControl *sortctrl = NULL;
    LDAPControl *serverctrls[2];
    LDAPControl **resultctrls = NULL;
    LDAPSortKey **sortkeylist;


ldap_create_sort_keylist(&sortkeylist, sort_attrs);

    /* Create the sort control. */
    rc = ldap_create_sort_control(ldap, sortkeylist, 1, &sortctrl);
    requestctrls[0] = sortctrl;
    requestctrls[1] = NULL;

    /* Search for all entries in Sunnyvale */
    rc = ldap_search_ext_s(...);

    parse_rc =
        ldap_parse_result(ldap, result, &rc, NULL, NULL, NULL, &resultctrls, 0);

    parse_rc = ldap_parse_sortresponse_control(ldap, *resultctrls, &rcode, NULL);


for (...) {

nothing is searched. it is ok if no sort or sort by CLDAP