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Re: Issue when injecting a new AttributeTypes in OpenLdap

Emmanuel LÃcharny wrote:
On 4/12/11 8:52 PM, Howard Chu wrote:

Not a piece of cake !
As Hallvard said, OpenLDAP already supports dynamic schema changes,
and changes take effect immediately without any restart required. And,
as noted, throwing all dynamic changes into a single cn=subschema
subentry (or 99user.ldif as some other servers do) is messy.
I prefer to keep things well organized, with related schema elements
all in their own entry. This makes schema development and management a
lot easier and understandable, particularly when you're wondering what
schema element came from where.
We do allow modification in both cn=schema (cn=subschema in OpenLDAP)
and in ou=schema (cn=schema,cn=config in OpenLDAP) in ApacheDS, and
whether you modify one or the other, both are impacted.

Considering that the cn=(sub)schema is just a virtual DiT (ie, it's
built on the fly when a user request it), it's should not be a real
problem to update it.

What kind of problem can you foresee, Howard ?

Performing an update is not the problem. Funneling updates of cn=subschema into meaningful branches of the schema tree is the problem.

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