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Renaming of node cause a segfault crash

we use 2.4.19 on  RedHat 6.0, 64-Bit, Kernel 2.6.32

When I renamed a node with Apache Directory Studio (e.G.
cn=mynode,ou=Groups,dc=mydomain,dc=de) the OpenLDAP-Server crashed.


slapd[13129]: segfault at 7fd1a9171fb0 ip 00007fd1c47a830f sp 
  00007fd1a9171fb0 error 6 in slapd[7fd1c46f5000+1f7000]

When I restart then the change was successful.

In the PastI had a similar error on a self compiled 2.4.23 on a CentOS 5.5, 
64-Bit, Kernel 2.6.18:

slapd[14668]: segfault at 0000000043a3bed8 rip 000000000047d77f 
  rsp 0000000043a3bed0 error 6

Because of our company policy we prefer to use version from the official  
repository of our linux distribution. So we change from self compiled 2.4.23
in an old linux to RedHat 6.0 with the "official" OpenLDAP.

I try to rename a node by ldapModify to exclude an error in Apache Directory
Studio but I do not understand how.
Perhaps someone has a hint.

Is it possible this an error which is fixed in 2.4.25? 

Thanks for any hints.

  Peter SchÃtt