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Re: Antwort: Re: RHEL 6 OpenLDAP 2.4.19-15.el6 init problem

--On Friday, April 01, 2011 6:05 AM +0100 Markus Moj <MMoj@timocom.com> wrote:


due to update and security policies in my company we are using the stable
version of the delivered build in openLDAP from Red Hat.

Hi Markus,

While I understand this is often the case with companies, this policy is short sighted. If you want to have a stable, secure, and functional LDAP server, then you need to be able to build OpenLDAP from source.

If you insist on using RedHat's outdated and flawed packages, then you need to contact RedHat support to fix any bugs you find with it, as the advice from upstream will always be for you to build and install the current OpenLDAP version to verify whether or not any bugs you find actually exist in a current release. I would suggest you read over the change logs since OpenLDAP 2.4.19 was released to get an idea of the numerous issues that have been fixed since that release went out.



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