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Re: importing ldap database for a BDC

On Thursday, 31 March 2011 17:56:05 deconya wrote:
> Hi list
> Im preparing a BDC server using samba with ldap and I start to import the
> database. At first I commented and error with the suffix but not was the
> last of my problems, Im importing and appears:
> <= str2entry: str2ad(sambaLogonTime): attribute type undefined
> slapadd: could not parse entry (line=81)
> _                       0.09% eta    01m elapsed            none spd  64.8
> k/s
> Closing DB...
> What Im making bad?
> First I copied all inside /etc/ldap/schema/ to the BDC, and I prepared with
> slapcat a bckup from PDC. I installed samba and copied smb.conf modifying
> the role. When I go to execute the slapadd -l backup.ldif appears the
> error. Any idea?

I'm guessing you didn't ensure your new slapd.conf actually included the 
samba.schema file.

But, you should probably be starting from your existing LDAP server's 
configuration anyway, and ensure it is correct before importing (or, you may 
have weird problems, or have to re-import).