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Re: Infos needed to setup a ldap proxy

On Thu, 31 Mar 2011, Frank Bonnet wrote:


Anyone could send me some pointers on documentation
howto setup a proxy OpenLDAP server ?

Perhaps start by running/observing the man pages (slapo-pcache etc.), Admin Guide (there are sections on Proxy Cache), and the (simple case) configuration of test020-proxycache and going from there?

Basically I need it to have a unique LDAP server
to configure all our LAN clients and have the possibility
to modify the proxy server on demand to access several
directory servers ( locals and distants )

If this means "modify the server configuration" you should be able to do that with cn=config in all cases. If this means "modify the data on the proxy server and have those modifications propagate" then you'd probably be served by multimaster and/or syncrepl with chains. (Which you also can find examples of in the man pages, Admin Guide, and the shipped tests/ directory.)