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Re: user authentication on attributes


sim123 schrieb am 29.03.2011 23:47 Uhr:
I have openLDAP server up and running and trying to integrate it with Confluence. My LDAP structure looks like
> [...]
I guess I should be able to do LDAP_BIND with any attribute and LDAP should be able to search user's DN based on the attribute and authenticate him as I have laready provided valid DN and password (for confluence user), am I right here?
If you think "LDAP should be able to search ..." means "slapd does automatically search for the DN corresponding to the attribute you supply and binds with the DN" then: no.

Please let me know if its doable (should be) and what am I missing here ? I tried searching for this but couldn't find it on the web. Thanks for the help and support.
From my experience a few applications are still dumb and imply the user attribute is the rdn and only try to bind as userattribute=user,base=baseDN. All other do a search for attribute under base and bind in a second step with the found DN value.
I don't know about Confluence.