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8 principal limitation in openldap


We are using OpenLDAP for authenticating users registered in a LDAP server (Open LDAP, Active Directory). After adding 8 principals (/etc/ldap.conf), none of the users registered in the /etc/ldap.conf file are able to login.

nss_base_passwd OU=engg,DC=mycompany,DC=region,DC=someplace,DC=myarea,DC=compname,DC=parentcompname
nss_base_shadow OU=engg,DC=mycompany,DC=region,DC=someplace,DC=myarea,DC=compname,DC=parentcompname

Can you please share the reason for this 7 limitation in the open ldap library. or how I can fix this issue. I am looking i for the header file in the source files whhich has this constant or limitation defined.

 Tried googling, but it appears that no one has encountered this issue. Some customers are running into this issue and it has become a severity 1 issue to fix.