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Internal (implementation specific) error (80) and cannot allocate memory

Hello People,

I'm importing a ldif file in a ldapserver which has 200 different
databases on it. The max is 256 by the way.
I import the ldif in every database only with a different DN per database
of course.

I can import the ldif file in about 30 databases and then the server gives
the error message:

"ldapadd: Internal (implementation specific) error (80)"

And in de slapd.log:

bdb_locker_id: err Cannot allocate memory(12)

The ldif file consist of about 8000 lines.

Is there some kind of maximum entries per database and can I expand the

I just can't imagine that there is a maximum of 8000 * 30 = 240000

Hope someone can help me.