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Re: Efficient Searching for Groups & its members

On 24/03/2011, at 10:22, sim123 wrote:

Hi All,

I am designing LDAP schema and the structure looks like :

---- ou = people
------- cn = john smith
---- ou = groups
------ ou = group1
-------- member:john smith
------ ou = group2
-------- member: john smith

I would like to find out what all groups john smith belongs to (I have full
dn) and all the members of a group. I am wondering about the performance of
such search, since one person can be part of multiple groups and there can
be thousands of groups in the server. If its a relational database I can
create a relationship table and put indexes in place. How can I get best
performance with OpenLDAP? Or is there any other way I should design this?

Thanks for the help.

William Brown


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