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Re: one user access all databases

----- "Hendrik van der Ploeg" <hvdploeg@competa.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> Can I add 1 user in cn=config so that it can access all the
> underlying
> databases? (olcdatabase={1}bdb, olcdatabase={2}bdb etc.

cn=config is not for hosting entries for DUA clients, just as the 'mysql' database is not for hosting tables for RDBMS client applications.

> The reason for this is that I use ldap-meta which connects to a LDAP
> server with multiple databases in it.
> dc=0001,dc=domain,dc=nl
> dc=0002,dc=domain,dc=nl
> dc=0003,dc=domain,dc=nl
> I use "idassert-bind" at the ldap-meta server to set a different
> username.
> But in this situation I need to add an extra username for every
> database in
> slapd.conf
> Is there a possibility to use a global user which can access all the
> databases?

Use a separate local database with a suitable backend (e.g. hdb or bdb).