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Re: Understanding back_perl SampleLDAP.pm

Marco Pizzoli writes:
> (...)
> How could I populate manually (in the Perl code) those entries?
> In this way?

In sub new:

> $this { "uid=pippo,dc=ciao,dc=it" => "objectClass: uidObject\nuid: pippo" }

I think like this, but I have not tried:

  my $dn = "uid=pippo,dc=ciao,dc=it"
  my $this ={ $dn => "dn: $dn\nobjectClass: uidObject\nuid: pippo\n" };

> I'm not able to extract my entry....
> --------------------
> I tried to use the add operation.
> slapd told me that I had to do a bind to do that operation:

So you do.  You could e.g. set the database's rootdn and rootpw so you
have something to bind as.