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How to obtain Operations Attributes


I am using the Java JDK 1.6.x to query ldap. I am using the query below. However, I need to be able to pull out the operational attributes as well. Any thoughts on how I can obtain the list of operational attributes without having to specify them?

        SearchControls searchCtls = new SearchControls();
        NamingEnumeration results =  ctx.search( config.getBaseDn(), searchFilter, searchCtls);

           while (results != null && results.hasMore()) {
                 SearchResult sr = (SearchResult)results.next();
                 Attributes searchAttrs =  sr.getAttributes();

                if (searchAttrs != null ) {
                   NamingEnumeration values = searchAttrs.getAll();
                   while (values.hasMore()) {
                       javax.naming.directory.Attribute atr = (javax.naming.directory.Attribute)values.next();

thanks for your help