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Re: OpenLDAP 2.4.23 hangs when creating new group objects

On 17/03/11 15:27, Howard Chu wrote:

It would be more useful if you can reproduce this on 2.4.24.

Okay - I've just completed two builds from vanilla source, one for 2.4.23 and another for 2.4.24. Under 2.4.23, I see exactly the same crash in pthread_join() and I have to kill -9 the slapd process. Fortunately the 2.4.24 build seems to work fine and doesn't exhibit the problem.

Based upon the fact it seems like a pthread/locking issue, do you have an ITS reference I can chase with upstream Debian? This is an absolute showstopper IMO as we're seeing multiple hard crashes a day even on our local, minimally loaded LDAP server running 2.4.23.



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