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Re: Any consideration while designing schema

Thanks for reply, I started reading the book & IBM redbook. I want to understand good and bad practices in general, while designing the schema or while programming. 

For example, I have one client who is talking to LDAP server and this client itself is a server ("myserver") for thousands of other clients, now I would like to know what should be the best way to authenticate those other clients from LDAP client (or "myserver" )

1. Open a new session with server every time a client wants to connect, authenticate it and close the session again or 
2. Keep a session open from myserver and search for RDN & password every time a client wants to connect.

1st option looks costly to me where as I don't know if 2nd option is considered as good practice or not. 

Please excuse me, if this confusion sounds stupid to you guys as I am really new to openLDAP or LDAP in general. Hope, after reading couple of books I will be in a better position. However, would really appreciate if someone could get back to me on this issue or guide me to general good/bad practices.

Thanks for all the help and support.

On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 2:32 AM, Germ van Eck <g.vanek@stationtostation.nl> wrote:

One search at Amazon returned the following book which has excellent reviews:



I used to have something similar, but I left it (with a couple of other books) in my employers library for collegeas to read.


I think that it will be very difficult for someone to recommend/warn you for something if you don’t mention anything specific you want to do and on ‘what scale’.


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Onderwerp: Any consideration while designing schema




I am in process of designing schema for my recent project with really basic skill set and found this article really interesting :



I am wondering what all things one should really keep in mind before putting LDAP schema together and in general what could cause potential overhead or considered BAD design ? Also would love to know if there is any other article/ book addressing my concerns. 


Thanks for the help and support.

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