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Re: Postgres perhaps - was Re: Another thought on backends

Richard Troy wrote:

On Mon, 14 Mar 2011, Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:

Michael Smith writes:
Anybody interested in collaborating on a back-python
analogous to back-perl? After a cursory glance at the
code for the latter, it looks like it wouldn't be hard to
adapt for the Python case.

I started on that once, but quit because Python and slapd both
want their conflicting autoconf-generated files #included:
OpenLDAP's portable.h vs. Python's pyconfig.h.
back-perl escapes that: Perl uses metaconfig instead of autoconf.

I have no interest with what you are proposing but I am very interested in
porting OpenLDAP to Postgres. The compelling use case is that now, with
the advent of binary replication in Postgres 9, one can replicate your
Posgres installation - which you may be doing for any number of other
reasons - and have that replication carry with it the OpenLDAP dataset.
So, it reduces the systems management / maintenance overhead while
increasing security (one DB system instead of two). Also, the Postgres
replication is _very_ efficient and has no inherent limit on the number of
replicants, each of which can be used for query-only, if desired.

It's my understanding that someone has already done this - ported OpenLDAP
to Postgres, and there's a web page describing it out there somewhere. I
have been looking for some free time (yeah, like _that's_ going to happen
any time soon!) to do the port. And since I haven't quite gotten around to
it, I'm wondering if there's general interest? Anyone?

Are you saying there's a low level Postgres-specific API that can be leveraged? If you're just going to use SQL or something euqivalent, I don't see any advantage to that.


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