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Re: LDAP browsers and cn=config

Howard Chu wrote:
> Gervase Markham wrote:
>> Can you tell me which LDAP browsers do support this scheme? After all,
>> the other part of my message was asking for advice on which was best.
> Ironically, I used to use the Netscape browser as my preferred LDAP
> browser, many years ago.

Yes, that's the historic reason my web2ldap still displays some LDAP URLs
in <a href="">. Today I use these links mainly for constructing bookmarks.
web2ldap simply processes LDAP URLs given as QUERY_STRING:


> Don't recall when they axed that feature,

It was part of Netscape Communicator 4.5+.
It was never ported to Mozilla browser.

> it was quite handy,

I thought about integrating web2ldap as a custom handler URL handler based on
the Protzilla extension. But I never got the thing working.

> and getting the results pretty-printed in HTML was
> really nice.

Well, it did not do any HTML escaping of attribute values at all. I remember
that the public Bigfoot LDAP server contained HTML in some attributes which
was directly displayed. So today with all the XSS stuff it would be a security
nightmare in this naive form.

Ciao, Michael.