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Combining multiple objectClasses


I am setting up LDAP and I wonder if my sense of laying out my directory is possible to realize.

For each of our users, we need (_objectClass_):
 - _inetOrgPerson_ (obv.)
 - PAM login, _posixAccount_
 - automounter information for her home: _automount_
 - samba account for Windows: _sambaSamAccount_

My rationale was that I put all these objectClasses into a single object. This is not possible, as several of them are structural.

Next thing I tried is to create a new objectClass that has these as superiors. Also not possible: slapd silently refuses to start, when this is included in my schema file:

objectclass ( NAME 'lmeStudent'
        DESC 'Student working at LME.'
        SUP (inetOrgPerson $ sambaSamAccount)
        STRUCTURAL )

Whereas it starts up fine with:

objectclass ( NAME 'lmeStudent'
        DESC 'Student working at LME.'
        SUP inetOrgPerson
        STRUCTURAL )

What is holding slapd from accepting my schema?