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Re: openLDAP C++ API

Am Donnerstag 03 März 2011, 23:02:40 schrieb sim123:
> Hi,
> I am evaluating openLDAP and need to perform ldapsearch from C++
> program. I looked at openLDAP C++ API, however README says its an
> unstable release.
Hm, seems I need to give the README some love ;).

> So just wanted to understand, is it ok to use that
> API in production environment? Is anyone using it? If there is any
> other library for C++ and openLDAP, please point me to that.
We use the API in some of our Projects and has been working very well
for us. I know of others using the library as I receive feedback
regulary (unfortunately mostly in private and not on the lists).

> Would really appreciate any suggestions!
Try it out if it does what you need. If you find bugs or have feature
requests file them via the ITS. (Patches are always welcome :) )