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Re: objectclasses as part of schema file

Aleksandar Stoisavljevic wrote:
> Therefore I have a requirement to support user management using IBM
> Tivoly DS. Since I am not willing to pay for such solution

Last time I've worked with IBM Tivoli DS one could download and install it at
no cost. IIRC they charge you for support. Installation was a major pain
though. Anyway if it's still possible that would be the way I do it in your case.

> objectClasses {
> ( NAME 'os400-root' DESC 'Root node for OS/400 system
> projection suffix.' SUP top STRUCTURAL MAY os400-sys )
> ( NAME 'os400-usrprf' DESC 'Projected OS/400 user
> profile.' SUP top STRUCTURAL MUST os400-profile MAY userPassword )
> ...
> To be honest, all examples that I have encounter (openLDAP and Apache
> DS) that was addressing customizing schema NEVER HAD objectClasses, but
> rather objectClass.

This seems like an copy/export of the subschema subentry in a custom format
which indeed has an attribute multi-valued objectClasses listing all avaiable
object classes.

I don't know what you're planning to do. But I'd add only the schema
descriptions you need for the data you process. It's very unlikely that you
need the object class in the above example. It's some work to extract the
relevant schema. But working it out gives you a much clearer picture of what
it's all about.

Using a LDAP client with a decent schema browser definitely helps digging into
this. (Being the author of web2ldap I'm biased off course.)

Ciao, Michael.