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Re: openldap does not want to write log files?

On 02/03/2011, at 1:24 AM, Mauricio Tavares <raubvogel@gmail.com> wrote:

>> dont know why the other log is not working, perhaps check you are not
>> writing logs as the ldap user or you need to --enable-debug during
>> configure ?.
>>      Good question, specially since now /var/log/ldap is being
> written. At the same time, it barking that I did not setup monitoring
> (probably need to --enable-debug and recompile):

It just wants "Database monitor" at the end of your slapd.conf, and it will stop complaining.

> Mar  1 09:45:09 auth slapd[12169]: [ID 468869 local4.debug]
> bdb_monitor_db_open: monitoring disabled; configure monitor database
> to enable
> Do I need that to write to a log file defined in slapd.conf?

Not related, the monitoring backend you access via ldap, gives statistics of slapd operations. Can be very useful for monitoring health of your ldap server the number of queries etc.,

I'd also make sure your log file is writable by the ldap user. Although i think you only need the one log anyway, they probably contain similar stuff, so you double the overhead of writing logs.