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Re: How to get the socket to listen for replies from referral connections?

Ian Puleston wrote:
Thanks Howard,

I'm looking at upgrading our OpenLDAP port to 2.4.23 so I can make use of this, but in doing it I think I spotted a bug with this new callback.

In function ldap_connect_to_host are two calls to . The first for "#if defined( HAVE_GETADDRINFO )&&  defined( HAVE_INET_NTOP )" looks OK, but the 2nd for the #else case of that is this:

         i = ldap_int_connect_cbs( ld, sb,&s, srv, (struct sockaddr *)&sin );
         if ( i )
                 rc = i;

But this is inside a for loop that uses i as a counter for the loop control. ldap_int_connect_cbs returns an error code so, unless I'm missing something, setting i to that will break the loop control.

Shall I put in a bug report for this?

Please do, thanks.

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