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Re: problem with limits configuration

Dan Pritts wrote:
Hi all,

I'm having trouble with the limits configuration in slapd.conf. I've searched the mailing list, read and re-read man pages, but I just cannot make it work properly.

i've got openldap 2.4.23 built from source on RHEL5, 64-bit

I'm trying to set "unlimited" size for for my syncrepl user.
however, it is not directly related to syncrepl, I've tried with ldapsearch too, similar results.

Here is the ldapsearch command i'm trying:

ldapsearch -z 19 -x -w PASSWORDHERE -D cn=ldap_repl,ou=srvaccts,dc=internet2,dc=edu -H ldaps://ldap3.internet2.edu/ -b dc=internet2,dc=edu '(cn=*)'
With this, query is limited to 19 entries as expected

but when i omit the -z option, or tell it anything above 500, and i get, of course, 500 entries.
Here is the limits statement from my slapd.conf:

	limits dn.exact="cn=ldap_repl,ou=srvaccts,dc=internet2,dc=edu" size=unlimited  time=unlimited

I also tried these:

	limits dn.exact="cn=ldap_repl,ou=srvaccts,dc=internet2,dc=edu" size=999999999
	limits dn.exact="cn=ldap_repl,ou=srvaccts,dc=internet2,dc=edu" size=10000

If I instead use

	sizelimit size=unlimited

"sizelimit" is global, while "limits" are per database. You do not specify where you put the "limits" statements above, did you try putting them in the database that syncrepl statement is related to?