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Re: joomla ldap; joomla users not created

On Sun, 2011-01-16 at 14:41 -0600, mike@grounded.net wrote:
> >algorithm I can not find any match between "joomla" and "openldap", so I
> >guess you are right - this is the wrong mailing list :-)
> Doesn't mean it's the wrong list, means you don't work with that combo.
> Still, just wondered how many here might be, it's not like joomla isn't heard of. 

To be honest - the original description of your problem is a little bit

> What I suspect is that joomla isn't talking to the proper
> joomla.schema on the ldap server which is preventing the user from
> being created.

Why do you think it's a schema problem? Do you have any error messages
from your LDAP server or from Joomla's logs? If yes - can we see them?
If not - what makes you think it may be an OpenLDAP problem?