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Re: Problems importing ppolicy LDIF: LDAP_INVALID_SYNTAX

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Konstantin Boyandin wrote:

Or check the archives, e.g.
for some time, in OpenLDAP 2.3, the pwdAttribute could only contain OIDs.

Thank you very much!
After I changed the string to


the import was a success. This problem's solved. So reading Web *can* be
of more use than reading man pages only.

The archives of the OpenLDAP project are indeed part of the web.  In
order to get valuable information you need to be able to dig it out from
tons of s**t, though.

Indeed. In fact Dieter's answer was already 3 years out of date when he posted it. The issue in question is ITS#4025 which was fixed in September 2005 and released in OpenLDAP 2.3.8.

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