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Re: using of shared memory with slapadd

--On Tuesday, January 11, 2011 12:09 PM +0100 Steeg Carson <steeg.carson@googlemail.com> wrote:

But after using slappadd (stopped slapd), the process use the same
shm_key like the slapd (read from slapd.conf)
After the slapadd is finished, the shared memory remains reserved in
RAM with owner root. (ipcs -m)

So after slapadd, I cant start slapd, I have to delete these shared
memory with ipcrm.

Is there a possibility, that the slapadd deletes the shared memory
before ending or is there a reason that it remain?

Run slapadd as the same user that slapd runs as. This is no different than running slapadd without shared memory segments, where you will have the same issue with the created BDB caching files (i.e., same results whether it is in memory or on disk).



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