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Re: dynlist overlay searching in a different server

El 10/01/11 17:20, Angel L. Mateo escribió:
El 10/01/11 15:22, Pierangelo Masarati escribió:
Angel L. Mateo wrote:
El 10/01/11 14:06, Howard Chu escribió:
Read the slapo-dynlist(5) manpage. It says quite clearly:

The optional URI restricts expansion only to entries matching
the DN, the scope and the filter portions of the URI.

Nothing else in the URI is valid.

Oh... I've read this manpage few times, but I missed that paragraph,

Note that this is by design: the reason is that:

1) we don't want to allow arbitrary URLs

2) we don't want to duplicate all functionalities of other modules (in a
moment users would ask for: arbitrary authentication mechanisms,
detailed handling of errors, timeouts, etc.); if you need to that, you
can configure an instance of back-ldap that handles requests for the
remote database. Back-ldap, by design, already handles all these

So, could I use back-ldap to add attributes to an existing entry?

Or should I have to configure my two ldap servers (without back-ldap)
and then a third ldap server with back-ldap that aggregates information
from the two original ones?

Excuse for my ignorance about back-ldap :-(

Sorry, I was too obfuscated yesterday. I have configured my dc=usuarios,dc=mydomain,dc=com as a back-ldap database and then I can point labeledURI to ldap:///<the rest>.

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