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Re: dynlist overlay searching in a different server

Angel L. Mateo wrote:

	I have two different LDAP servers containing different information
about my users. In one of them, I'm trying to configure dynlist overlay
to dinamically add attributes for users, so I have configured dynlist.
I'm using the labeledURI attribute with a value like this:


	Whenever I look for a user I get the error:

Jan 10 13:07:07 canis12 slapd[12689]: dynlist_prepare_entry("<userDN>"):
illegal URI

	If I remove the server part of the URI, like:


	but, obviously, I'm not getting the additional attributes (because this
LDAP directory doesn't have them).

	What am I doing wrong? Could I use a LDAP URI directed to another LDAP

Read the slapo-dynlist(5) manpage. It says quite clearly:

	      The optional URI restricts expansion only  to  entries  matching
              the DN, the scope and the filter portions of the URI.

Nothing else in the URI is valid.

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