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Re: Emergency recovery strategy needed by novice

On 1/7/11 8:17 PM, Richard Troy wrote:
On Fri, 7 Jan 2011, Chris Jacobs wrote:
slapcat -l [ldif file]

Add from dump, with slapd off:
slapadd -l [ldif file]

If you're using BDB (typical backend), you can move the contents of the dbdir specified by your config first.

- chris


However, I can't login to the troubled server. When I try and login via
ssh, I get the password prompt, then nothing and it eventually times out
with simply, "connection lost."

I do have a connection from our application server to slapd which is
visible via 'netstat -lT' as ldaps ("ESTABLISHED") - I presume this is via
some kind of library available via Java as it's a EJB based application.

Further thoughts? Can I harness the ability to connect to get the data out
even when I don't know the first thing about the data I want to fetch,
similar to the slapcat command above?

*if* you can connect to the LDAP server, then you can also fetch all the Data as LDIF. You just have to know the admin user (and password) to be sure you get all the data from the LDAP server.

You'll then just have to inject them in your slave server.

Now, there are more than just the entries, you'll have to deal with the server configuration : schemas, index, etc.

If you just want to get back the data, then using a tool like Apache Directory Studio, LdapBrower, JExplore, etc could help. They all allows you to connect using only LDAP, and get back the data. You can even use a command line tool like ldapsearch, which can be installed easily - if it's not already present.

Hope it helps, because your story sounds like a nightmare ...

Emmanuel Lécharny