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Is attribute options supported?


	Is attribute options supported in openldap (version 2.4.21)?

In RFC 2251 (LDAPv3) the attributes in search could be specified as attribute_name;options, so you could indicate options in the return of the attributes.

Specifically, what I want to do is: I have attributes wich value is a URN, so I want to get just a special part of the URN, that is:

Traditional search:

Ldap filter: (mail=user@mydomain.com)
Atributos: mail, schacPersonalUniqueID
mail: user@mydomain.com
schacPersonalUniqueID: urn:mace:terena.org:schac:personalUniqueID:es:12345678Q

Search with options:
Ldap filter: (mail=user@mydomain.com)
Atributos: mail, schacPersonalUniqueID;x-urn-7
mail: user@mydomain.com
schacPersonalUniqueID: 12345678Q

	I have tried this with a standard configuration, but it isn't working:

amateo@joshua:~$ /usr/bin/ldapsearch ... mail=user@mydomain.com schacPersonalUniqueID;x-urn-7
# extended LDIF
# LDAPv3
# base <dc=Telematica> with scope subtree
# filter: uid=amateo
# requesting: irisClassifCode

# amateo, Usuarios, telematica
dn: uid=user,ou=People,dc=mydomain,dc=com

# search result
search: 2
result: 0 Success

# numResponses: 2
# numEntries: 1
x-urn-1: orden no encontrada

	Is it supported? Do I have to configure anything in the slapd server?

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