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doubt about cache tuning

Hi List,
I read the performance tuning document in the openldap admin guide. It says ideal case is to allocate cachesize for all entries in ldap. In case I do set cachesize for all entries, is it necessary to allocate cache for bdb in the DB_CONFIG ?

Currently I'm facing a problem on a server where I've foll. config :

slapd.conf :

cachesize        419363
idlcachesize    419363

the cachesize here is the number of entries in ldap.

Also in DB_CONFIG, I have set

set_cachesize  0  2026582016  1

This cache size in DB_CONFIG is abt 1.9 gb. It was calculated by adding file sizes of all .bdb files in the ldap data folder.

The problem is that the slapd process is using more than 100% cpu  ( on a multicpu server ) .  The usage does fluctuate from 20% to 200%. Higher cpu usage is triggered when there are ldap write operations.

I doubt that I have overtuned the cache.

Kindly share your learnings and experiences.

Thanks and Regards,