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Constant invalid credentials error (49)

Dear members,

I installing/configuring a new OpenLDAP server with compiled sources today.
But unfortunatly I got a serious issue with this server.

Here are the specs:
OpenLDAP Slapd 2.4.23.

Configure Commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/ldap/ --sysconfdir=/etc/ldap/ --enable-ipv6=no --enable-dynacl --enable-cleartext=no --enable-crypt --enable-lmpasswd --enable-rlookups --enable-backends=no --enable-bdb --enable-dnssrv --enable-ldap --with-tls --enable-kerberos

"Make" commands have been correctly and without errors tested.

But now, if I launch my slapd, and if I want to access it throught a LDAP Browser, for exemple JXplorer, I can't.
I've got an Invalid Credentials error = 49 message.

Here is link my slapd.conf and ACL file.(Pastebin):


acl file:

If I try to pass the following command to change the password and connect me with the new one but it failed:

ldappasswd -x -v -D "cn=manager,dc=lab,dc=geka" -A -S -W

Then when it ask me the old password I type "test" without the ", then I confirm it.
The following message ask me to a new password, that I type (123123 for informations) and confirm again.
Then it ask me for the LDAP Password, and so I test with 123123 without success.

Same way if I test with the following command and test as password:

ldappasswd  -v -D "cn=manager,dc=lab,dc=geka" -W

Here is the error message:

ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49)

I now my password, 'cause it's simply write on the slapd.conf file, but it seems that the LDAP server refuse any connections.