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Re: How to rename the BASE DN?

Angel L. Mateo wrote:
> El 04/12/10 00:33, Anton Chu escribió:
>> How do I rename my base dn due to my domain name change?  I'm using the
>> latest openldap run time configuraiton.
>     Maybe the hard solution:
> * make a backup of the entire directory with slapcat


> * edit the resulting ldif with an text editor and replace old ocurrences
> of old suffix with the new one

Bear in mind:

1. If at least one attribute value in the DN contains non-ASCII chars the LDIF
contains base64-encoded DN values which you can't easily search&replace with a
text editor.

2. Also long DN values might be split over two or more lines (line
continuations) in the LDIF file. This also makes simple search&replace nearly

So in general the safest approach is to write a small script using your
favourite scripting language and a decent LDIF reader/writer module and
rewrite all DN values therein.

> * create the new directory with slapadd


Ciao, Michael.