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Re: Oddities with searching for a specific value of an attribute

Am Sat, 11 Dec 2010 02:43:26 +0100
schrieb Sebastian Urbanneck <sebastian.urbanneck@uebergebuehr.de>:

> Sorry for this weird topic, but I didn't know how to name this one.
> These are the facts: we're using the phamm.schema from the PHAMM
> Project for saving virtual domain entries in our Ldap database.
> Searching for them is mostly no pronblem, but one specific
> circumstance is bothering me to death: when I try to search for a
> specific value of the attribute "vd", the corresponding entry is not
> always found. Any other attribute does the trick, but vd does'nt.
> For example: the search for (using the root_dn)
> ldapsearch -x -W -D "cn=admin,dc=uebergebuehr,dc=de" -b 
> "ou=domains,dc=uebergebuehr,dc=de" "(vd=*) -s"one"
> This is true for everytime I put a Wildcard (*) into the search
> pattern, and with scope "sub" there's also no matter in which part of
> the tree above this entry I am. But when I'm searching specificly for
> the value (lak-hessen.de) nothin is found, no matter in which entry I
> am and which scope use.
> Strangely this pattern _is_ found when you go into the entry of the 
> domain itself (vd=lak-hessen.de,ou=domains,...) and search with scobe 
> 'base'.
> Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Or is this a bug? I think ACLs are
> ruled out because of using the root_dn.

missing index?


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