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Re: OpenLDAP on T2000

Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
On 12/2/10 2:36 PM, Nick Folino wrote:
I'm evaluating OpenLDAP on various platforms and am having trouble getting
the tools (slapadd, slapindex, etc) to perform well on Sun's T2000 servers.
For example slapadd is running at about 50k/s.  On an x86 server importing
the same ldif yields over 1M/s.

All my experience with OpenLDAP so far shows x86 servers far outperforming Sun T2000s, given comparable memory and disk. The individual Sun cores are just too slow.

1 *million* addition per second ? Either you have an issue with the unit
you use, or there is something wrong going on but you didn't noticed the

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